Crappy Christmas Cards

I do this way too often. There are only two weeks until Christmas and, although I have bought all of my Christmas presents (minus the wrapping paper) I have left everything else to the last minute. Then, typically, when I go to do these things something else gets in the way. Today I have spent the last 5 hours making Christmas cards for some of my family. Normally it’s a joint effort with my sisters because traditionally we hand-make them for relatives (grandparents, etc.) because we have been doing that since we were tiny. Not today. What is usually a couple hours of festive activity turned into a stressful production of making these damn cards because, despite liking the idea of making them again this year, no one actually wanted to help.

It really doesn’t help that I’m also ill…

But alas, finally one more thing has been checked off my never-ending to-do list… Does this warrant a nap?


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