Exam season

It’s that time of year. Stress and tension are rife with, not only exams arriving, but the pressure that if we do not do well, we will not get into the universities or onto the career paths that we desire.

My goal is to go to the University of Exeter to study Law. I am required to get AAB in my subjects of English Language, Law and Modern History. Although this is not impossible, as time and studying goes by, I feel less confident that these are grades within my reach. I find it amazing that some of my friends who are aiming for Oxford or Cambridge, needing grades of A*AA, are managing to cope through this ‘season’. It is admirable and almost makes me feel foolish for getting so worked up about my grades.

However, it is still f***ing dreadful.

My biggest concern is that, if I do not get the grades I need, I have no idea what I am going to do. It is unfortunate that I wish to study law because, if I cannot get the grades now, there is little point reapplying for a university which offers lower grades as it is still very much a degree which requires a ‘prestigious’ university to graduate from in order to have a better shot at becoming a lawyer.

Only 3 more weeks and then I can enjoy the summer. Hopefully I will not spend it worrying about my results and will use the time well to relax and have fun. Only 3 more weeks and, for a while, it will be over.


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