This week

It’s been an interesting week. There was the general election on Thursday which was my first time voting on a national scale. The outcome was controversial: a hung parliament. This will make the discussions in Brussels much more onerous for Britain with a coalition government ‘supporting’ Theresa May – so much for ‘strong and stable’.

I also had my first A2 exam – History. I had already sat a retake from one of the Law papers from last year, but this was my first full A Level exam on one of the new linear courses. Thankfully, the questions did not appear to be that difficult. However, it was supposedly the easiest of the three History exams that I will be sitting, which likely means that the grade boundaries will be high and I will need some serious help to get me through the other two.

One positive thing, though: I will never have to look at my notes on Germany through the years 1919-89 ever again. I cannot wait for the rest of my exams to be over. As much as the environmentalist in me would rather just recycle my notes once exam season is finished, a large part of me just wants to watch them burn, crack open a bottle of champagne and drink until the sun comes up.

Yeah, the latter is certainly more compelling.

One down, six to go.


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